Art by Antoanette

My name is Annette 'Antoanette' Birkenborg.
I was born in Kosovo and lived there for about 16 years before I moved to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and then ended up in Sweden, in which I'm based.
Today I live and work in beautiful city called Ystad, which gives me lots of inspiration in the creation in my life.

I don't really remember how and when the interest in creativity came, but my school books were filled of sketches that I drew, usually faces and houses, but also birds and eyes that often came back in my paintings.

Several times a week I visited a studio in the neighborhood, which was run by my father's friend.

I was always so fascinated by all the colors and brushes! It was like stepping into a fairy tale world…

It was there that the foundation of painting and the magic of colors were create for me.

In addition to painting, I am also interested in other crafts such as textiles, clay and more.

I had a great interest in technical drawings during my teens, but I never became an architect. I instead chose to work with people and paint, which I like a lot.

When I stand and paint, I get that inner need to depart myself from reality in a way.
It's like I'm disappearing into another world. A world of experiences, dreams and emotions that takes me in a different state of mind and reality. The more color layers the brush paints on the canvas, the further away from reality I come.

I live in creation and it feels like my body and soul are divided. The soul embarks on a journey of discovery, seeking, longing, missing, enjoying, fantasizing and more, while my hands pave the way with color after color until my inner self smiles in a harmony of colors.

Freedom is a sacred word to me and I find it difficult to lock myself in a certain style of creation, which is evident in the mix of my paintings.

My art is a piece of me, my feelings and my thoughts that I like to share with other people.
I hope that I can awaken feelings, memoires or thoughts. Maybe a longing for something or just a fantasy for the viewer.